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sara has been teaching community yoga and private classes for six years. she is a 200 hour registered yoga instructor (ryt 200) with yoga alliance. sara is currently completing the trauma center trauma sensitive yoga facilitator (tctsy) training. the tctsy program is one of the only evidenced based yoga programs, and is recognized by samsha as an approved treatment for ptsd. she is currently completing her internship for her master of arts in counseling psychology at regis university in denver, co. sara is a somatic experiencing practitioner in training, at the advanced level with the somatic experiencing® trauma institute.

she is humbled by the resilience of the human spirit.  full access to tctsy and mental health services is sara's true passion. she believes everyone should find support available and readily accessible. her hope is to make someone's healing journey fully possible without limitation. she believes in the mind-body connection and has witnessed the profound healing that can be facilitated by using the two in the therapeutic journey to wellness.

she integrates somatic experiencing techniques with carefully chosen forms (asana), gentle movement, and focused breath to create an environment that is optimal for truly embodied and restorative healing.


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hi there. i am glad you found this page. yoga moved me through the darkest spaces in my life and propelled me on a path to heal myself. because of the self-awareness I discovered through my own healing, i realized my true passion in aiding others on the path to finding their own hearts whole and healed. I have traveled the world teaching, learning, and connecting to the human collective, witnessing the brightness of spirit, and affirming that teaching and guiding others on a journey of wellness is my truest calling. if you have questions please reach out and connect with me, i am looking forward to meeting you and seeing what i can do to support and empower you in your own wellness journey.

Photo Credit: The magical creative,  Laura Hobbs

Photo Credit: The magical creative, Laura Hobbs


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"i felt safe in my session with sara. i was able to work through some of the issues that i have been dealing with for years in a completely different way than i ever have before. i never realized yoga could be so helpful with some of my symptoms. sara helped me see who i really want to be and helps me feel like i am powerful enough to do it"

tctsy client


"Sara Moser is a powerful yoga teacher and person. I took a class with her, with very little yoga experience and low expectations. I quickly became a regular in her class. My physical practice grew quickly and my mental practice/perspective started to shift.

I started to slow down, be more present, and become more aware of myself and my surroundings. After just a few months of regular practice, I was ready to commit to my own teacher training experience. I booked a one month immersion in Bali, Indonesia. None of which would have been possible without Sara’s steady guidance, support, and encouragement.

She helped me to slow down, set goals, and make steady progress towards becoming something more than I ever was or ever had aspirations to be.  Understanding and working with my breathing allowed me to slowly rid myself of my anxieties. Sara is truly a healer and a teacher. Truly a guide for this once lost soul." 



"Sara has been a huge inspiration in my life. I began practicing yoga a little over 5 years ago when I walked into Sara’s class and now I am going through my 200-hour yoga training!

Sara has a way of connecting with her students on more than an instructor to student level which is extremely important to me. There are plenty of great yoga teachers, but very few that help you find your safe space reinforcing positive energy. When I walk into her class I know I am going to challenge myself mentally and physically.

These are qualities I adore in any teacher and Sara has a true gift for bringing out the best in people. I miss Sara’s energy and smile; I have grown so much in the past 5 years and I have her to thank for helping me continue my journey."



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