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trauma center trauma sensitive yoga (tctsy)

trauma sensitive yoga sessions are designed specifically to support, regulate, and provide a safe space for healing. in order to truly heal our mind, body, and spirit we need something that is tailored to our own experiences and needs. these sessions are carefully created to solely focus on you and where you are at. the sessions will be guided purely by who you are and what feels like the most supportive path leading you to an empowered sense of self.


se and tctsy 

somatic experiencing® is a body based trauma release modality. it follows the regulation of our nervous system by using gentle and titrated releases within the physical organism. it is a beautiful practice that doesn’t always ask us to go into the story of our trauma, but rather find where it has embedded itself in our physical body, then we gently work to encourage it to release. when coupled with yoga and movement this creates a dynamic experience focused on true wellness and healing.


group healing and yoga

group sessions create a space connecting individuals to their mind, body, and spirit while simultaneously linking them to a community of others experiencing similar or even the same emotional journeys. creating community, compassion, and understanding will help us reach the goal of a healing our hearts, together.

 each group session is focused on mindful movement that is catered to the needs, the abilities, and the connection to others and themselves. this space can create a powerful solidarity and support to help move us towards true healing.  


private and corporate yoga

private and corporate  classes are available as well.
please reach out and connect to inquire about availability!


skype sessions are also a possibility, just ask!


sliding scale available